PhD School in Physics at UNIBA

Sede del dipartimento di fisica M. MerlinThe PhD school in Physics at UNIBA, also supported by Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, has the purpose to train researchers and scientists to carry out high quality research in public and private environments. They will be able to operate profitably in both universities and international research centers and to promote effectively the innovation and research even in the world of industry and

The PhD school in Bari intends:

  • to promote the advancement of knowledge in different fields of physics research
    through original scientific relevant research;
  • to contribute to the development and refinement of instrumental techniques and analysis methods for experimental physics and interdisciplinary research (Biology, Medicine, Environment, Cultural Heritage, Mechatronics).

The PhD program in Physics offers graduate students the opportunity to develop highly qualified skills for inclusion in the workforce, particularly in the areas of research, higher education and innovation. The school offers the opportunity to participate in research programs of excellence and to join high-level training programs in a wide variety of curricula.