XXXVI Cycle Courses

CourseProfessorMaterialCourse Outlines
Promozione della ricerca scientificaSlidesOutlines
How to prepare a technical speech in EnglishSlidesOutlines
Programing with Python for Data ScienceSlidesOutlines
Introduction to C++ programmingSlidesOutlines
Standard model and physics beyond the standard modelSlidesOutlines
Optical sensors and spectroscopic techniques SlidesOutlines
Atom-photon interactions SlidesOutlines
FPGA Programming with LabVIEWSlidesOutlines
Big Data modelling and machine learning techniques
Introduction to parallel Computing and GPU Programming using CUDASlidesOutlines
Physics of NeutrinosSlidesOutlines
Quantum Mechanics in Phase SpaceSlidesOutlines
Course on Physics at the Large Hadron ColliderSlidesOutlines
Advanced Techniques in Experimental Particle PhysicsSlidesOutlines
Classical FieldsSlidesOutlines